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Friday Free For All Sports Fix …..Volume 18.0

Friday Free For All Sports Fix …..Volume 18.0
By: J-Shannon
Can you smell that? It’s the smell of Green Beer, half naked women, and possibly a faint whiff of some dude puking in the bathroom. Yes this conglomerate of smells can only mean one thing: its St. Patty’s Day time. Not that anyone of us need an excuse to get hammered, But St. Patty’s Day provides everyone a “Get Hammered with no Consequences” pass. This weekend, I may stop by Peachtree Tavern for Luckyfest, which is their annual shit-hammered event. Well, since I’ve now ruined your never ending Friday by making you dream about how awesome St. Patty’s Day weekend is, allow me to provide you a little entertainment to enjoy while hiding in your cubicle acting like you are actually working. Here it is Boys and Girls, the Friday Morning Free for All, and all its Glory…….

--The “I THINK YOU SHOULD KNOW” Story from this Week:
1-Kemba Walker is for Real…….
So if you haven’t had a chance to watch any of the Big East Tournament, you’re missing out. The games are great, and they are some of the best college basketball you’ll see all year. I will throw out a quote my old friend Kyle Pipkin said to me: “The Big East is overrated as usual. They will play good basketball until it counts, and come up short in the tournament….”
Well, Thursday afternoon there was a damn good game going down to the wire between UCONN and PITT. With 18 Seconds to go and the game tied, UCONN calls a timeout, and sets up a play for the win.
Everyone in the building knows that Star Kemba Walker is going to take the last shot. But the way the shot was set up is what I liked. On the inbound, Coach Calhoun of UCONN set up a pick and roll situation. Why? He was hoping to get the switch, so that 6’11’’, 250 lb. Center Gary McGhee would end up on the sick-nasty Walker….. The result…….

--Thing that Have Pissed Me off This Week
1-Tattoo University Suspensions…..
If you have ever read anything I have ever written, you know that I’m as big of a fan of the NCAA as the Human Society is of MV7. I think when it comes to hypocrisy, the NCAA wrote the book. So if you haven’t been keeping track of the allegations involving Ohio State, let me give you the highlights…..
-5 Players were suspended at the end of last year for receiving improper benefits for selling Bowl Championship Rings, jerseys, and awards to a tattoo parlor in exchange for tattoos.
-The players are suspended for the first 5 games of this season. They were ALLOWED to play in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans even after the suspension was announced, although I think that was BS.
-As it turns out, Head Coach Jim “Don’t mess with my sweater vest” Tressel, knew about the boys selling goods and getting benefits the whole time, but didn’t report what he knew.
This week, emails were revealed showing that the coach was warned by multiple people that the players were breaking NCAA rules. Tressel’s response: “Keep me posted as to what I need to do if anything. I will keep pounding these kids to grow up….jt.”
Ohio State “self imposed” disciplinary actions on their Head Coach. His punishment: 2 Games suspension and $250,000 fine. Really?  That’s all the guy gets? Tressel has to pay a $250,000 fine, which I’m sure any of the OSU boosters will be happy to pay, and has to sit out 2 games. The head coach will be at home with his feet kicked up in the recliner drinking a glass of wine (the man isn’t Bro enough for a good ol fashion ‘merican) wearing a tie and sweater vest while his team plays Akron and Toledo. Wouldn’t you have attempted to cover up this scandal if you knew you’re only punishment would be to sit out games against 2 high school teams? Do you honestly think Coach Tressel gives a shit that he is missing games against these two cakewalks?
I think that the NCAA needs to step in an actually impose a suspension that hurts Ohio State and Coach Tressel. I would classify the school imposed sanctions as a slap on the wrist, but I think that’s too harsh of a term for his punishment……..

2-Guy at Gym…..
This one will be quick…. After a solid workout, when I’m nasty and sweaty, the last thing I want to walk in the locker room and see is an old D-Bag blow-drying himself off butt ass naked. Get a towel Old Man River……

--Youtube Clips of the Week:
1. This one is courtesy of Extra Mustard on Hey Blake Griffin, put this in your pipe and smoke it……

2. I’m a huge fan of Hockey hits…. The harder the better (that’s what she said). But this hit looks like it went a bit too far…..

--My Favorite Sports Movie Scene of the Week:
New category, but it’s really simple. Here is where I’m going to put in some of the absolute best sports movie scenes of all time…. This week:
Before you all start saying what I know you are going to say….. I know this clip is included in the sports video section of the website. But you know what, it is such a good clip, I feel it would be disrespecting the video if I didn’t include it in the Favorite Sports Movie Clips. Believe it or not, I played this speech for our Editor/Chief Chris McDonald, 30 minutes before his wedding to get him pumped. True Story……..

--Real Men of Genius Bro of the Week:
In honor of the kickoff of the 2011 NASCAR season, I felt it was only right to dedicate a portion of my Friday Free for All for the next few weeks to the “Real Men of Genius,” presented by ice cold ‘Merican Bud Light. This week, Bro Nameth Salutes you…….
Mr. 80 SPF Sunblock Wearer……

--Shout-Outs for the Week:
*Yogi Berra- One of the game’s greatest was taken to a Florida Hospital yesterday after tripping and falling before a pre-season Yankees game….. Berra is A-OK though…..
*Brandon Merriweather- Shout-out to Merriweather for handling a situation as an adult this weekend. Apparently he got into a little altercation over the weekend, and decided the best way to calm the situation down would be to shoot 2 people. Merriweather is being accused of shooting 2 men outside of a nightclub.
*Refs from St. John’s Game- Shit happens, everyone makes mistakes….. don’t sweat it……
*Baby hands Clancy- Bro Nameth wants to send a shout out to you and your incredible need to be the best at exercising. Thanks for the support….

As always, it’s been a pleasure. Leave a comment if you disagree with anything I got to say, and I’ll prove to you why you are wrong….. Check in again Monday Suckazzzzz.

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The Bro Nameth Awards..100th post

This post marks the 100th post from Bro Nameth. We really appreciate all the support and feedback the Bro Nameth Supporters have shown over the last few months. Every month during football season our monthly page views went up over 25%!! Thanks again for spreading the word and getting BROtivated.

The Awards are broken down into multiple categories ranging from the Betty White Award to the most underrated/overrated players in each sport. ENJOY


Most Overrated:
  • Jayson Werth- 126,000,000! That's a lot of freaking ZERO's for a guy who is already 31, hit in an unbelievably friendly hitters park, was surrounded by guys named Utley, Howard and Victorino and has a really fruity mustache. I'm not knocking the hustle but for what he is being paid he better hit 40+ dingers and hit about .330. How about this for a pun; Jayson might be werth something but he ain't werth that!
  • Joba Chamerlain- Someone tell me when im supposed to be scared hes pitching? All the talk was this kid was the next Roger Clemons. An intimidator that even Dale Earnhardt would have been scared of. The dude straight blows. Heres the real question; Why the hell did his parents name him Joba!?! Go eat a burrito you know you want to.
  • Jeff Francoeur- "Overrated? Francoeur hasn't been good for 3 years so how can you call him overrated?" Well considering people were calling him The Natural after his first season and now he can barely get an invite to Spring Training so I would say he fits the bill. I like Jeff Francoeur. In fact I have met him a few times and he couldn't be a nicer guy. Problem is he can't hit a curveball. Well he cant really hit anything. He has a very strong arm and is pretty solid defensively but that .230 BA sticks out worse than girls who tan in the winter.
Most Underrated:
  • Andrew McCutchen- I know he is still young but this kid is going to be a freaking baller in the next 2 years. Unfortunately for him he plays for the Pirates. I see him winding up donning a Yankee or RedSox Jersey by 2014. The guy can fat fly and has a great bat. He is on the underrated list because he is a top OF in the game yet not a single person would consider him that if asked. Want a fantasy STUD this year? Draft my boy McCutchen.
Most Under appreciated:
  • Kevin Youkilis- YOUUUUUUUUUUUUKKK to all you "Sawx" fans. He might look like an idiot as he stands in there waiting for you to bring the cheese but behind that beard is a legit power bat. Everyone always talks about how clutch Big Pops Ortiz is but Youkilis is just as big in clutch situations. That goatee beard looks more like something Chuck Norris would be proud of.
Worst Player in Baseball:
  • Pedro Feliz- Anytime your OPS is HALF (.46) of the league average, you must be pretty shitty. I can't take full credit for this find as I did some googling and found that stat on Feliz. I remember when he was a 20+ HR guy who would give you a .270 average. Now he is easily the worst player in baseball that starts. This category could have been given to Corky Miller or Greg Norton but neither of them is even fit to be given an award, no matter how crappy the award.
Best Coach:
  • Mike Scioscia- I know this might be hard for some of you to swallow (that's what she said) but Scoscia has the Angels in contention almost every single year and has a title to show for it (2002). "but Chris, how is this any different than what Bobby Cox did?" First, don't mention Bobby Cox in my posts. Second, Scioscia has won with FAR FAR inferior talent than what Cox had. Scioscia is also a two time AL Manager of the year.
Worst Coach:
  • Jerry Manuel- I know hes no longer the manager but this is based off of what he did while being the manager of the Mets. They were awful and completely underachieved. All his fault? Probably not but he couldn't manage a bullpen and just seemed like a real loser. Maybe he should have gotten thrown out a little more so he would get a free pass like you know who.

Most Overrated:
  • Chris Bosh- I went on record back when "The Big 3" started the year 8-6 that giraffe neck Chris Bosh is easily one of the most overrated players in the NBA. He was a 20/10 guy in Toronto. Big freaking deal! Toronto was horrible and he was the only decent player on the team. Of course hes going to have good numbers. Everyone acts like he is some kind of superstar. Trust me on this one....hes not. Would you consider Kevin Love a superstar?!?! Kevin Love averages 21 and 16 for the T-Wolves. While that is very very impressive he is by no means a superstar. Same thing for Bosh. The guy had a 1-19 night for crying out loud! That's almost impossible. Look at this toolbox at work....
  • Joe Johnson- Is there another player in the league who goes MIA in big games more than Joe Johnson? If their is I challenge you to tell me who it is. The Hawks have set their entire franchise back 5-8 years with the absurd contract they offered him. I can't believe more people aren't on board with me here. We pay him to be a SUPERSTAR. The Sunday night game against the Knicks was a great stage for him to step up and play well. If you consider 15 5 and 3 a good game then yeah he's worth 21 million a year. I want someone to give me 3 examples over the last 3 years where you walked away from a game saying "we only won because JJ was incredible". You cant do it and that's a problem. Again, its not JJ's fault the Atlanta Spirit want to pay him all that money. However you would think these guys are smarter than you and me. I called this back when it happened and this is why I am so hard on Atlanta Sports. The JJ contract is what is wrong with the Atlanta sports scene. Everyone is ok with being ok. This here is quality Sports writing.
Most Underrated:
  • Kevin Love- Is it just me or has there been ZERO talk about Kevin Love and the absolutely ridiculous numbers he is putting up. I know I said earlier that it helps he plays for the T-Wolves but he has tied the ALL TIME record for consecutive double doubles at 51. Thats freaking impressive no matter where you play. All time consecutive double doubles? No not Bill Russell, not Larry Bird, Not Shaq, none of those guys. Just a white boy from Oregon who will probably break Moses Malone's record tonight. Maybe its just me but I would take Kevin Love over Giraffe neck Chris Bosh all day everyday.
Most Underappreciated:
  • Tim Duncan- "TIMMMAYYYYY" as he banks another jumper in off the glass. "The Big Fundamental" as he drop steps you to death. Did you know since the Spurs drafted Duncan #1 overall they have yet to have a season where they win less than 50 games? That's absurd. Lets not forget they also have 4 Championships in that same time frame. Duncan might be the most under appreciated Superstar that I can think of in the last couple of decades. No one EVER talks about him yet hes a double double machine and wins.
  • Derek Fisher- DFish is like Robin to Kobe's Batman. Hes the little sidekick who is solid as hell and just seems to make plays when asked.  I will never forget the shot he made against the Spurs that year in the playoffs that he got off in .4 seconds......DRAINO. Notice who made the shot prior. TIMMMMAYYYYYYYYYYY.
Worst Player in Basketball:
  • Shelden Williams (TIE)- 5th overall pick huh? Could have drafted Brandon Roy, Rudy Gay or Rajon Rondo. Not only is Sheldon Williams the worst player in the NBA, he can't even beat his wife in a game of 1 on 1! Candace Parker would straight abuse Sheldon down low. Add to the fact that his forehead needs its own zip code and you got a recipe for disaster. Just look at the clip...

  • Chris Quinn (TIE)- WHOOO?? Exactly my point. I feel like every time I turn on a game and I see Chris Quinn running the show I think that Ashton Kutcher is a few seconds away from popping out and blowing the cover on another Punk'd. This guy is what gives the white PG's a bad name. He is slow as balls, looks even goofier and has a horrible haircut.

Worst Coach:
  • Vinny Del Negro- Vinny Del Treyo to all you old school Spur fans. The guy looks like a Columbian Drug Lord but could flat stroke it from the outside. Now, hes leading a pretty good Clippers team into the ground. This was AFTER he underachieved as the BULLS coach the last few years. Its hard to determine who is the worst but this guy gets the nod because of his hair.

Best Coach:
  • Greg Popovich (TIE)- As mentioned earlier the SPURS run over the last 12 years or so is pretty freaking incredible. You can bet your ass every time you play them they are going to play hard and be well coached. POP is the man and is a very firery dude.
  • Phil Jackson (TIE)- I know its pretty absurd that I have him tied with Popovich but in actuality its much closer than you may think. Since 1999, Jackson has 5 Championships but Popovich has 4. Now Jackson has more but Popovich didnt have Kobe and Shaq on his team. I used to think that Phil Jackson was overrated until my High School coach proved me wrong. Michael Jordan had yet to win a playoff game until PJ came along. Kobe wasn't really Kobe until Phil came and his 11 Championships are a record.

Most Overrated:
  • Chad Ochocinco- He used to be one of the best receivers in the NFL. Now he just is constantly running his mouth and can't back it up. He was all talk last year about how he and TO were going to light it up. NEWSFLASH Chad, TO had a good year and you stunk it up. Carson Palmer has had about enough of Chads crap as well telling Bengal ownership he will never play another down for them. Chad is also ridiculously cocky. While he is overrated he does have some very funny TD Celebrations when he does happen to score. This isn't Ochocinco but it made me laugh pretty hard:
  • Matt Hasselbeck- Anytime Charlie Whitehurst is BROUGHT in to replace must stink some kind nasty. Not only does he look unbelievably unathletic, but he plays that way. He gets hurt a lot and is probably in the bottom 5 for worst starting QB's in the league. Every now and then he will pull something out of his ass like he did against New Orleans but then its....cue the music!

Most Underrated:
  • Curtis Lofton- What does a guy have to do in order to make a PRO BOWL? My lord, Lofton only had 118 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and an INT for the 13-3 Falcons! Not to mention the year prior he had 138 tackles. The guy flies under the radar for being a pretty damn good LB. I know Patrick Willis is the up and coming superstar but Lofton is not to far behind IMO and only getting better. Show this man some love already.
Most Underappreciated:
  • Fullbacks- I am going to give some FB's some love here. How do you think it is that these great RB's break off big chunks of yardage? Most of the time its a steamroller who's job it is to rock a LB to open up a hole. You think offensive lineman dont get any love? Try being a FB. In Atlanta we have Ovie Mughelli who has been leading the way for Michael Turner the last 3 years and Turner has lead or been in the top 5 of rushing all 3 years. You had Emmitt Smith give Darryl Johnston a very special shoutout during his Hall Of Fame induction speech. What about Mike Alstott and Lorenzo Neal? 2 beasts who punished defensive players for years. WWAFD. What would a fullback do.
Worst Player in Football:
  • Dan Orlovsky- the pride of UCONN football outside of Johnny Mac. It's pretty hard to be labeled the WORST in a professional sport because that still means your better than 99.9% of everyone who plays the sport. However, this guy is pretty freaking bad. The play he made against the Vikings still makes me laugh as he has absolutely no idea how bad he has just run out of bounds as he continues to go through his reads. Take a gander:

Best Coach:
  • Bill Belicheck- Its almost impossible to ignore what Bellicheck has done in new England over the last 8-10 years. 3 Super Bowls, multiple 12 win seasons and he has made the hoodie not as lame. He might be the biggest jerk in the room but the guy just wants to win and I can respect that.
Worst Coach:
  • Eric Mangini- I know he is no longer in the league but this guy is absolutely terrible! ManGENIOUS as JETS fans tabbed him after 1 decent year and then the next year hes out on his ass only to get hired as the Browns new Head Coach. He is just bad. Cleveland sucks but even they knew that he was not very good.

Betty White Award

This normally goes to an individual but I am going to give this one to the Miami Heat. I can safely say at this point that their is absolutely NO CHANCE you are going to win the NBA Championship this year and thus....thats an EPIC FAIL. All the ridiculous drama surrounding the "chosen" one LeBron James and now you have lost 5 in a row. LeBron used to be my favorite player in the NBA and now I can't stand the guy. The arrogance and smugness of this guy is sickening. What have you accomplished?? MVP awards? Big freaking deal. Your ultimately judged on your Championship totals. DWade has already won. Chris Bosh needs to go out to the Serengeti where he belongs with his Giraffe neck and you need to shut your mouth until you win something. Again, the playoffs haven't started yet but trust me....its over for the heat. The big 3...get out of here. Mike Bibby is your PG! Don't make me laugh. The guy is drawing checks from Quikrete because they make his shoes!

The Summer's Eve D-Bag Award

This is not an athlete but at this point its bigger than anything going on in sports so free game. Charlie Sheen. I'm sorry but I don't think its remotely funny nor do I think he is funny at all. In fact, I think Two and a Half Men is one of the lamest shows on TV. He looks like a guy who has completely lost his mind and fried his brain. These new videos he keeps releasing about him being a warlock and having his goddesses around him is just weird. Enough already. Why can't people in Hollywood just be normal for once? You got Charlie Sheen going ape shit and Linday Lohan stealing jewelry which they have on video tape! She seems to think she can now sue the jewelry store for releasing the tapes. Newsflash they own the tapes! They can do what they please with them. Stop being a mean girl. Back to Mr. Warlock. Not only do you pretty much look like a walking skeleton but I am going to go out on a limb (shocker here) and say you are dead within 2 years. That might be harsh but there is only so much one man can take.

Thats it folks! Once again thanks for reading and spreading the word. If you any suggestions or if you want to write for us shoot us an email at

As always Just Bro It.

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Happy Crappy Monday Morning……Volume 19.0

Happy Crappy Monday Morning……Volume 19.0
By: J-Shannon
What is going on Bro Nameth World? It is your boy J-Shannon, and I’m back with another solid edition of the Happy Crappy Monday, volume 19. Another lazy weekend for me, although I did manage to get up and make it to the gym both days, so I’m pretty proud of that. This week, we cover everything from LeBron and “His Talents”, The President of the USA, some Charlie Sheen, a little March Madness Bubble Watch, and the famous Wonderlic Test……Sit back and relax, and enjoy the Crappy Ass Monday Morning…..

1. Where should LeBron take his talents next year?
Everyone was predicting all kinds of streaks for the Miami Heat this season. Anyone predict 4 in a row? That’s right, 4 losses in a row. The Bulls put a hurting on the Heat Sunday afternoon, giving the heat their 4th loss in a row. Going into Sunday, the Bulls were 2-0 this season against the Heat, and were looking for the season sweep Sunday. Well, they got it. Think back to last time the Heat and Bulls played, $115 Million Dollar Man Chris Bosh went 1-19 from the field. 1-19. I’ll promise you one thing, I’ll bet my life on the fact that you give me $115 million; I will go better than 1-19. The shitty performance of Bosh got the blame for the loss, saying that he had a bad game, and ultimately that was the deciding factor. Well Bosh played better today; in fact all 3 members of the “Big 3” were over 20 in points. So what is the problem? Is it a coaching thing? Is it a chemistry thing? I’m not sure, but I will say that the Heat need to get their shit together, or there are going to be some pissed off people in South Beach……

2. Excuse me Mr. President, don’t you have more important S%#T to worry about?
So normally, we don’t talk politics at Bro Nameth. Not that we don’t care, but if we are going to waste our time on arguing a point, it is going to be about something we actually care about. Well, mark this down as the first time I bring up the President in the Happy Crappy Monday Morning. Why? Because it is my column, and I will write about whatever the hell I want to write about. So if we are going to bitch about politics, I’m going right to the top.
Don’t you think that President Obama has a few more issues he should worry about and comment on than the NFL? I mean don’t get me wrong, I think the NFL is amazing, and I don’t want to downplay the importance on the economy a lockout would bring. Let’s look at what he COULD be commenting on: the fact that the country is STILL at war, how horrible his healthcare bill is, the fact that the country pays more for a gallon of gas than a gallon of milk.
The president made a rather ignorant comment this weekend regarding the labor talks with the NFL. Here was the President’s view on the NFL labor talks:
“You’ve got owners, most of whom are worth close to a billion dollars,” Obama said.  “You’ve got players who are making millions of dollars.  People are having to cut back, compromise and worry about making mortgage [payments]. . . .  The two parties should be able to work it out without the President of the United States intervening. . . .  [F]or an industry that’s making $9 billion a year in revenue, they can figure out how to divide it up in a sensible way.”

Why do I have an issue with this statement? Yes, owners make Billions of dollars. But the majority of NFL players only make $200-$400 K annually. I’m not saying they are broke, but it’s not like $200 K is a lot of money these days. You want to talk about sensibility; you would think the President of a country that is spending just north of $100 BILLION annually on the Iraq War, would spend a little more time worrying about that problem…..
Start focusing on what is really important, and we will start calling you Bro-ack Obama. Until then, you’re not going to get much love from Bro Nameth…..
I’m just sayin…..

3. Charlie Sheen business partners with Mark Cuban?
Yes, you read that correctly. Mark Cuban and Charlie Sheen are in talks to put Charlie Sheen on a new TV Series on HDNet. Keep in mind Mark Cuban owns HDNet, so he can put whatever the hell he wants to on the Station. The new show is either going to be a talk show, or a Reality TV Show. Why wouldn’t you jump on this if you are the Cubes? First of all, everything he touches seems to turn into Billions. Second, everyone on the Planet is talking about Charlie Sheen these days. I know one thing, I’ll be watching…..

4. Jamaal Anderson may be the second worse defensive choice in the past 5 years…..
Why? Because ex Jet Vernon Gholston just may be the worse. The absolute dud of a defensive player was cut last week, no surprise to anyone. Think about this: The guy had a $9 Million Dollar Clause in his contract that stated if he was to have one forced fumble, one sack, or one fumble recovery in the 2010 season, he would earn an additional $9 Million on his contract. His total of the 3 last season=0. Look, even the absolute bust Jamaal Anderson manages to fall on the QB every now and then….

5. Bubble Watch….
The Best tournament in the world is right around the corner. Yes, I’m talking March Madness is almost upon us. It’s time to take a look at the handful of teams that are hopeful to get in the tournament, and the 4-5 who will be like the fat kid on the playground when teams are being picked…..translation: they won’t be participating…..
Florida State- What a difference a shot makes. Harrison Barnes Misses the 3pt. shot, and FSU wins and is a lock for the tournament. Now, it looks like they may have to win a game or 2 in the ACC tournament to get in the dance….
Marquette- It really sucks to be Marquette. They have a pretty good team, but they play in the Big East. Oh well, welcome to life in SEC Football. The biggest problem Marquette has is there are 10 teams in their conference better than them…..
Michigan State- They probably make the tournament because they are Michigan State. But their record is decent, although their Strength of Schedule is solid. I think Izzo and the boys are in….
Tennessee- It sure would have helped Bruce Pearl and the boys had they beat a #20 Kentucky team who were 1-6 on the road against SEC teams this year. Well, they blew it on senior night, so the only tournament they may be making is the NIT baby….
Alabama- It’s sad to say that the win the SEC west and still might not make the tournament. Yes, the SEC West is weak, but does Alabama still deserve to dance? The Tide did some things right, but lost some nasty games, and played high schools as a non conference schedule…. They may need to do some things in the SEC tournament next weekend…..

6. I almost feel Bad for Number 44, but not quite….
So with .7 seconds left in this NAIA semi-final game, Danielle Clausen makes a bold move. Check it out below. I’m not sure if what’s more impressive, the fact that she had the presence of mind to make the play, or the amount of people at a Concordia women’s college basketball game…..

7.  Inspirational Story of the Week….
Right here in our own backyard, a solid piece about what really drives Jason Heyward to play the game he loves… Get the tissues out….

8. Hottie of the Week (formerly known as Photo of the Week):
Let’s face it, the photo of the week would be a lot cooler if it was the Hottie of the week. Therefore, starting today, we will now dedicated number 8 to the Hottie of the week….. This Week: Rosie Jones.

9.“One-Liners” of the Week…
*Pete Rose- Looks like Pete is getting a divorce after 25 years of marriage, sorry bro…..
*Minnesota Vikings- Rumor has it they are going to go after Kyle Orton of Denver to be their next Starting QB…. There’s a long term plan….
*Rosie Jones- My new Celebrity Crush….
*Yoo-Hoo- Best Drink I haven’t had in the past 6 months….

10. THE TOP 10 in the TOP 10…
You know how we do this; it’s a weekly countdown of the Top 10 in the Top 10….
This week, coming off the NFL combine, I thought it would be nice to test the readers of Bro Nameth Sports, and see just what their IQ look likes. Here are 10 sample questions that would be on the Wonderlic Test, the test given to NFL Draft Prospect to see just how smart they really are…. See what you can do with these 10 questions……

1- PRESENT, RESENT - Do these words:
1.       Have Similar Meanings
2.       Have Contradictory Meanings
3.       Mean Neither the Same nor Opposite

2- A train travels 20 feet in 1/5 seconds at this exact speed, how many feet will it travel in three seconds?

3- When rope is selling at $.10 a foot, how many feet can you buy for sixty cents?

4- A boy is 16 years old and his sister is twice as old. When the boy is 22 years old, what will be the age of his sister?

5- What number is next in the following sequence:

6- FLAMMABLE, INFLAMMABLE - Do these words:
1.       Have Similar Meanings
2.       Have Contradictory Meanings
3.       Mean neither the same nor opposite

7- The hours of daylight and darkness in SEPTEMBER are nearest equal to the hours of daylight and darkness in:
1.       June
2.       March
3.       May
4.       November

8- Assume the first 2 statements are true. Is the final one:
1.       True
2.       False
3.       Not Certain
Ben greeted Beth. Beth greeted Bob. Ben did not greet Bob

9- In printing an article of 48,000 words, a printer decides to use two sizes of type. Using the larger type, a printed page contains 1,800 words. Using smaller type, a page contains 2,400 words. The article is allotted 21 full pages in a magazine. How many pages must be in smaller type?

10- Three individuals form a partnership and agree to divide all profits equally. X invests $9,000, Y invests $7,000 and Z invests $4,000. If the profits are $4,800, how much less does X receive than if the profits were divided in proportion to the amount invested?

All of the answers are in the comments section of the Blog. Leave how many you got right on the comments if you aren’t too embarrassed…..

As always, it has been a pleasure. Leave me your thoughts and comments on the facebook post…. See you all Friday morning Suckazzzzzz.

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Friday Free For All…..Volume 17.0

Friday Free For All…..Volume 17.0
By: J-Shannon
FRIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYYY, Thank God, I didn’t think this day was coming. I personally have had one hell of a long week, and I’m looking forward to doing nothing more than throw up the feet on a coffee table, loosen the tie, and crack open an Ice Cold ‘Merican. We got lots to cover this Friday morning, so stop acting like you’re working and start reading. This week, we tackle great sports movie clips, having legal but illegal sex, the NFL, the most overrated college football team in the land, and another “Real Man of Genius.” Enjoy People…….

--The “I THINK YOU SHOULD KNOW” Story from this Week:
1. The NFL is making a BIG MISTAKE……
This may just be my opinion, but the NFL is making a HUGE MISTAKE. As of 9:17 Thursday night when I am writing this article, there has been no movement for putting together a new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL and the Players Association. Let me break it down for the common folk as to what the real issues are all about:
The Team owners and players union are arguing over BILLIONS of dollars. What it boils down to is this, the Team Owners think they are owed more, and the players feel the same way.
Here is what pisses me off about the whole argument. If the league and players don’t agree to a new agreement, there could be a complete cancellation of the 2011 NFL Season. Now I will be EXTREMELY upset if there is no NFL season, but has everyone really stopped and thought about how many people this disagreement affects?
First, there will be NO pay for players. If you have a contract for 10 million or 500K, you aren’t getting a check. Sitting out a year probably won’t affect the Tom Brady’s and the Peyton Manning’s of the world, but what about the other 72% of NFL players who make $500K or less?
Second, almost every team has announced that Coaches and Staff will be taking pay cuts and or mandatory furlough days. Why; because if there is no season, there is no revenue. Billionaire owners don’t care if they are billionaires; they are going to cut cost when there is no revenue coming in. What did they do to deserve cuts? It’s not like they have any say over what goes down with the negotiations.
Last, keep in mind all of the hot dog vendors, beer men, stadium employees, television crews, restaurants, hotels, bars, strip clubs, merchandise workers, popcorn people, and everyone else who is involved in a game day. Their additional paychecks from the NFL season = 0.

--Thing that Have Pissed Me off This Week:
BYU Guard Brandon Davies…
So if you haven’t heard, BYU has a solid basketball team this year. They are on the verge of having one of the best teams they have ever had, and were on the verge of getting a Number 1 Seed in the NCAA Tournament. Well, Wednesday night they got the smack put down on them by New Mexico. Why? Maybe it was because their second leading scorer has been thrown off the team for breaking school honor code.
Now, here is what supposedly happened. Brandon broke school honor code by having sex with his girlfriend. As a result, he was kicked off the team.
You want my opinion? Stop whining about being kicked off the team. You are the one who chose to go to BYU, and you knew they had some serious rules and procedures. You are the one who signed the honor code, and you are the one who broke the rules. You shouldn’t feel bad you got kicked off the team; you should feel bad you let your teammates down. Look, the least you could do would have been keep the sex with the GF on the down low…. Step your game up Bro….

--Youtube Clips of the Week:
Notre Dame Bashing…..
Being that we are saluting the best “Real Men of Genius” commercials of all time, I came across this clip and HAD to include it in the Friday Morning Free for All. Definitely take the time to watch the clip; it is the perfect definition of a Notre Dame Football Fan…..

--My Favorite Sports Movie Scene of the Week:
New category, but really simple. Here is where I’m going to put in some of the absolute best sports movie scenes of all time…. This week:
“Has anyone ever told you you look like a little penis with a hat on?”

--Real Men of Genius Bro of the Week:
In honor of the kickoff of the 2011 NASCAR season, I felt it was only right to dedicate a portion of my Friday Free for All for the next few weeks to the “Real Men of Genius,” presented by ice cold ‘Merican Bud Light. This week, Bro Nameth Salutes you…….
Mr. Really Really Really Bad Dancer….

--Shout-Outs for the Week:
*LeBron James- I’ve had just about enough of “The King.” Like the decision wasn’t gay enough, he post this on Twitter just the other night 20+ games left in phase 2. I'm ReFOCUSED! No prisoners, I have no friends when at WAR besides my Soldiers.”
*Charlie Sheen- The guy is hilarious… enough said. He has the Balls and the Money to do whatever he wants….
*Serena Williams- Good luck on the road back from surgery….
*Chicago Cubs- The season hasn’t even started yet, and teammates are already fighting in the dugout. Solid.
*Green Bay Packers- Even though AJ Hawk led the team in tackles, you managed to convince him he was over paid, you then cut him, and then resigned him for less. Well Done!
*JaMarcus Russell- You got paid somewhere around 45 Million dollars for no reason, and you still got a house going into foreclosure. Nice move Bro…..
*Oregon Football- Looks like that run to the National Championship wasn’t a fluke. They actually have a little more in common with Auburn than making it to the big game. Oregon is being investigated by the NCAA for recruiting violations…..

As always, it’s been a pleasure. Leave a comment if you disagree with anything I got to say, and I’ll prove to you why you are wrong….. Check in again Monday Suckazzzzz.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

BroRankings going into Sin City

BroRankings going into Sin City
By: Corey Rose
So here we are, off and running in the 2011 season. Now that we’re past the wild card that is Daytona and have seen some 1 mile short track racing in Mexi-I mean Arizona, it’s time to head to Vegas for a cookie cutter track. They call the mile and halfers cookie cutters because it’s become the standard layout of NASCAR tracks these days. The banking, width, and pavement may vary from one to another, but these tracks really separate the contenders from the Trevor Baynes because we see a lot of them-and most tracks twice-as we head towards the championship.
1. As his losing streak was just climbing over the retirement age, ole Jeff Gordon put the AARP Chevy in victory lane for the first time, and he did it with style. He was bounced off the wall earlier in the day, managed to keep it pretty clean from then on, and then gave the Busch Bro to beat at Phoenix a dose of his own medicine with less than 10 to go. With a new crew chief, team, and sponsor, watch out for the 24 to take this momentum and run with it. Oh, and at Vegas since the intro if the car of tomorrow, this wine sipping pipsqueak has led more than the double the laps anyone else has, has the highest driver rating, and an average finish of 4.5.
2. I know. By ranking Kyle Busch second in the power rankings, I’m just repeating the Phoenix finishing order, but if I ranked him any lower, I’d be eating my words come Sunday. Plus, he came a couple hundred feet away from completing the weekend sweep for the second time in his career. We’re heading into the Busch Bros’ hometown with them 1 and 2 in the point standings. While his finish at Vegas last year was an mediocre 15th, he won the year before. Plus, at Daytona and Phoenix, he was the best finisher from the Joe Gibbs stable yet he was involved or almost involved in more cautions than I can count. The only thing that might derail him this week would be some Cousin Carl payback for ruining his Subway 500 run this past weekend. If you don’t know anything about Carl’s history with revenge, watch this.

I really thought Carl would have axed the white gloves after they gave him up on this one.
3. Kurt Busch is just on a tear so far this year. After a win in the Bud Shootout, a win in his Haterade Duel, and two Top 10s in the first two races, Kurt and Dodge are flexing their muscle. Remember, NASCAR’s new point system is built to reward consistency. This guy understands that. He hasn’t had the success his bro has had in their hometown, but Dodge hasn’t looked this good in years either. Plus, with a nickname like the “Double Deuce”, also the name of the shitty bar Sam Elliot and Patrick Swayze cleaned up in the 80’s masterpiece, Road House, he’s gotta be able to whoop some ass.
On a side note, if you’ve never seen Road House, watch this clip and call me on Monday after you’ve gone out and picked this one out of Wally World’s DVD Five Buck Bin. If you don’t feel a significant increase in tesBrosterone levels, it’s time to call Brose Canseco and try some Human Browth Hormones.

4. I hate to do this but have to for the sake of honest writing, Jimmie Johnson has to get a spot in our 5. He got collected in the Daytona crap shoot but bounced back very well with a 3rd at Phoenix. Last year he won this race. The year before that, he shit the bed. In 9 races, his average finish is 10th. That’s second to only Jeff Burton’s 9.92 for drivers with more than 5 appearances here. Unless 5 time racks up a buncha DNFs(did not finishes), you can probably count on him remaining on this list. He just never goes away no matter how much we want him to. He’s currently outside the Chase picture so enjoy it while it lasts, race fans.
5. For the 5th and final spot in the BroRankings, I’ll give you a bit of a wild card to chew on. Look out for AJ Allmendinger to make some noise this weekend and as the year progresses. I truly believe this ugly duckling can bring Richard Petty and the #43 back to the glory days or at least close to it. Vegas hasn’t been his strong suit in the past, but the RPM cars are looking much more competitive since the size of the team was reduced for 2011. Also, the dude finished 11th at Daytona, 9th at Phoenix, and is sitting pretty tied for 3rd in points with my boy, Tony Stewart. Dinger’s problem in the past has been consistency so that either needs to be corrected or he’s going to have to get into the Chase on wins alone.
Side note: You may have heard the IRL(Incompetent Racers Legion)is putting up $5 mil for any active driver from outside their gaggle of crash test dummies that qualifies and wins the season finale in Vegas. 5 drivers will be allowed to attempt this but will have to be approved by the IRL’s Idiocracy-level governance body. A lot of names have been mentioned like Scott Speed, Robby Gordon, Tony Stewart, JPM, etc. etc. but the only person to say he’s interested is the Dinger, who does have open wheel experience. If he does well on Sunday, this conversation is going to heat up. While it is intriguing, I don’t think Dinger is the NASCAR driver we should put our hopes on to further embarrass the U.S. open wheel nancies.
Side note 2: Mobil1 announced this week that Tony Stewart and Lewis Hamilton, the 2009 F1 Champ, will be meeting at Watkins Glen with their respective race prepped cars this summer. They’ll swap rides and see what they can do as a promotional event for Mobil1. Absolutely brilliant. These two have proven they can drive anything and giving them race prepped cars rather than doing some stupid demo in detuned cars with last year’s parts should be interesting. Plus, neither of these guys have reputations for following rules so you can count on some extracurriculars.
Bronorable Mention:
Carl Edwards: He looked great at Daytona and qualified on the pole for his sponsor’s race this past week. Due to a wrong place, wrong time situation, Carl didn’t really get a chance to show us what he had for race day in Arizona. In 6 races at Vegas Carl has a low of 26th, a high of 1st, and an average of just under 13th. Considering the improvements made to the new FR9 Ford engine package, I would say we can count on Cuz’s averages going up all year including this week.
Tony Stewart: Bias aside, Smoke looks pretty solid so far this year. Anyone that made it through the last two races without being involved in a caution has to be off to a pretty good start. In each race, we’ve had about half the field collected in one wreck or another. Smoke has managed to keep out of these messes by running up front consistently, something tough to do over a couple hundred mile race especially at Daytona. Again, consistency is king. It shows with him being 3rd in the points, but this team has to find a way to be relevant after the last pit stop. They seem to go from potential winner to solid top 10 on the final run.
DisBronorable Mention:
Richard Childress Racing: Look here, RCR(minus Paul Menard because you’ll never really be a contender. They’re just taking your daddy’s money and telling him you’re part of the club). I tooted your horn big time going into Daytona and y’all sucked there and didn’t look much better at Phoenix. These guys are having a harder time keeping their noses clean than Charlie Sheen. Yes, it’s been a lot of bad luck, but under this new point system, teams can ill afford DNFs and 30 somethings. It’s time for the King of Beers and his boys to post some top 10s together. Their average finishes look pretty good going into the cesspool in the desert, but one could say the same for Daytona and Phoenix. Look how that turned out.


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